Happy Whipping Valentine’s Day

The other day I walked over to the nearby Walgreen with my co-worker because she wanted to get some prenatal vitamins. But, not all women stock up on B-12 for their future youngin’s. The Ancient Roman women would line up on Lupercalia (from February 13 to 15) to be hit on, and I mean literally whipped, by men! They believed this whipping would make them fertile.

Yikes. Glad we got over that. Read on to learn more about the origins of Valentine’s day.

Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day! :)

Placebo Sleep

Recently I saw a doctor specializing in Pulmonology because I was constantly tired and sleepy and because I have insurance for the first time in my life…

My doctor asked me a variety of questions relating to my sleeping pattern/behavior and drew blood to do some tests. Turns out I have Vitamin D deficiency like everyone else. He also suggested that I do a sleep study at a clinic nearby.

But the other day I read an article from the Smithsonian Magazine titled, ‘You Can Get Placebo Sleep,’  which made me wonder–“Where was this article when I was in college?”

So, if I tell myself I had good enough sleep, my brain will adjust and work efficiently as if I actually had great sleep? Does that mean I will physically feel less tired too??

Anyway, now I feel jaded about making that appointment with the Sleep Study Clinic…

My Own Little Corner

My sister and I watched a lot of TV growing up. VHS, Nickelodeon, Nick at Night, Full House, Boy Meets World, Sailor Moon, ALL of Winter and Summer Olympics. No parents around to tell us to read or do something else instead. One day someone brought home a Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella VHS cassette, and my sister and I watched it day-in and day-out. There’s a scene that I used to sing-along-to, that I can still sing-along-to, when Brandy sings about fantasizing in her own little corner.

God, I love that song.

When I was living in a tiny 2-bedroom apartment near St. Marks… with 3 other ladies… I felt for the first time that I finally had my own little corner. Even though I had a lower bunk in a tiny bedroom and had a little plastic fold-up desk in one corner of the living space (Gotta love NYC college life), I still loved it. And on the evenings when I was in the apartment all alone, there was nothing more relaxing. Post graduation, I sang and sang about moving out. But, I never committed. You know the regular excuses like, “I need to save up.” Now I’m engaged, and I pretend like my fiance’s apartment is my own little corner. And, I pretend like it’s my own space and infringe on his territory. Oops!

In the month of January, I want to try this out. Today is buying flowers. Oh, he will love flowers…


The Talk on Baby Wipes

I had an unexpectedly interesting conversation at a Hostel in Toronto.  One guy was looking for apartments with a Realtor, and was about to go on a date with the nice lady. But he had one serious concern:

If he were to have baby wipes by his toilet at his new apartment, would she be weird-ed out?

There was an article on New York Magaizine about these flush-able wipes for adults, and how it’s costing millions of dollars for extra disposal.

Let’s say he cared more about the environment and the government spending. So he goes for the bidet instead. Would she be weird-ed out then?

If you really think about it–it’s better to have something than nothing, right? Unless you hit the shower every time you go, but…

The Holiday Party

Parties in general are not my thing. Socializing is difficult for me. I would rather avoid these repeated moments that I find myself in at parties and events than gain whatever positive experiences that can come from them. Case in point–last night’s company holiday party. These are those moments:

1. Locking eyes with another person, at which point it’s just too late to turn away so you have to say “Hi, how’s it going…” and then decide real fast if you’re gonna stop and continue chatting with them or just keep walking along. I encountered about 3 of these last night.

2. Standing alone in what seems to be the center of a vast vast room when it seems everyone is engaged with one another but me.

3. Waiting for the bartender to make my drink…

4.  Those “yea..(silence)” moments in your conversations.

But you know what, over the years, I’ve come to accept that I am a natural introvert. I’m growing okay with the fact that I am not a social butterfly, and it takes effort for me to connect with someone else. Still, I will make effort to not shy away from every event, and even heed this advice: Embrace the awkward moments.


The Throw Down

Yesterday night I had a throw down with my sister. Long story short, I was following up regarding her job hunt, sprinkled in a little suggestion about her use of Netflix and *BAM*–The perfect storm.

I went to bed last night with fires of fury raging in my heart and woke up this morning with the feeling of discomfort I went to bed with.  Now, as the heat is dying down a bit and rationale settles in more and more, I wonder what I could have done differently to change what happened last night and the implications behind them.

Say nothing.

Maybe not mention the Netflix.

Save it for another day.

Let her be.

She has been going through some rough patches outside of the job hunt. She reacts to pressure differently. My parents have not thrust any responsibilities on her lap because I was the older sister. I could do it. And that’s being a “good” older sister. I am fully aware that anything I say, suggestions or inquiries, will most likely be regarded by her as a personal attack to shame her and rattle her.

Yet 6 months have passed. For me, the implication behind doing nothing is the message that it’s okay to do as her emotions lead. But unfortunately, others have previously sacrificed their time and resources to support her. And there are responsibilities behind them that doesn’t involve nights of sleepovers and movies and Wonder Years.

Or, maybe just one more day would have been okay.

I don’t know.

Lost and Found

I came across this niffy idea yesterday and thought:

‘I have a friend who loses everything. This would be very helpful for her!’

That evening, I lost my key set–my car keys, my house keys. Dealer says I have to pay $150 to duplicate and reprogram my car keys.

Ugh, talk about plank in my own eye.

So then I did some research to see how I can help myself, and discovered StickNFind! Similar Bluetooth concept. You can even track your kids! haha!

Check out their funny video ad: